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We started to organize summer camps for children, who had undergone long and painful hospital treatment, in 1992, which means we raised our tents for the thirteenth time in 2004.

Children after a long-term therapy (and sometimes even patients under treatment, if their health allows it) take part in the camp, as well as their friends, siblings, parents and pets. Several bereaved families come too.

Our camp activities began as an attempt to offer a two-week stay in beautiful natural surrounding also to those children who couldn't participate in a "normal" summer camp. We have always tried to create a friendly, open-hearted and open-minded atmosphere in our camps, and we hope that the camp programme gives its participants enough opportunities to have fun, to do some useful work, to talk about things that are important to them, to simply be with friends.

The camp games and plays (mostly non-competitive) follow the make-believe story of a man who decided to spend some time with nature and is thus confronted with new situations and thoughts and starts to meditate on his own life and on the civilization he lives in.

Children live in big Indian "tee-pee" tents which are able to accommodate up to six inhabitants and have a fireplace inside.

Since 2000, we organise our camps on a meadow just behind the respite hospice building at Malejovice - thanks to this, children whose condition requires special attention can also participate in the camp programme, backed by the safe environment of our house.


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