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Human Rights

In 1994, Jiri and Marketa Královcovi from the Klíček Foundation were invited as lecturers to a large project "Education to Human Rights" by the Czechoslovak Charter 77 Foundation.

The lectures were addressing young people aged 14-18, i.e. secondary school students and students of vocational institutes, but as even the elementary schools started to be interested in the project, it was soon extended to slightly younger pupils also (12-14 years).

Over three years, Jiri and Marketa led more than 70 lectures/debates, talking to more than 1.300 students.

The Královec's intention was to convey to their listeners that human rights are not just a topic to be lectured - it is a topic to be lived and proper understanding of the concept of human rights can only grow from inside, from personal awareness of what one can do and should do.

They wanted to explain that any rights (and freedom of any kind) always and automatically "inflict" duties and responsibilities upon people. Freedom and responsibility, as well as rights and duties, are simply inseparable.

Jiri and Marketa Královcovi started to use a set of questions (the audience were to answer them in writing) to make the students "tuned to their wavelength" and to learn their views - so that the debate could be "tailored" to the students' interests and needs. Later they discovered how interesting the answers were and how much one could learn from them - and they decided to publish the material gathered. (It came out as two separate booklets - available in Czech only.)

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